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Syrup,mayonnaise,tomato ketchup,fruit concentrate

  • The Brands
  • Marjan

    Marjan is our premium brand for finest quality syrup, it offers a range of popular fruit flavor, prepared with pure sugar, containing fruit juice, concentrate, no artificial sweetener and no preservatives added.

  • Del Monte
    Del Monte

    Del Monte has been known for its quality and taste to provide the perfect delicacy of family cuisine. Through the years, Del Monte has been a trusted brand in most households.

  • Sunquick

    Sunquick is super-concentrated juice syrup for the whole family. The unique fruit taste has made Sunquick an extremely popular drink in millions of households all over the world,refreshing and tasty, loved by the whole family.

  • Maestro

    Maestro is our brand for mayonnaise and dressings product range. To enrich the taste of your vegetables salads,fruits,and various other dishes. Maestro provides the quality, and formulated to the Indonesian taste.